2009-10-06Smartbox type 01

Allow us to introduce the Smartbox.
This box is easy to install and has a standard configuration of 16 input sockets, 6 dimmers and 6 relays. When you place a larger order, the Smartbox will be configured to your specifications, and may even be pre-programmed. This personal configuration enables you to determine whether the 12 outputs will be dimmers, relays, roller shutter controls, 0-10 V, 1-10 V or LED PWM controls, or a combination of any or all of the above.

This box is excellent for use in hotel rooms and apartments, or as a basic home automation system. The difference from ordinary modules is in the available memory, which makes this box unfit as a basis for elaborate home automation systems with, e.g., audio or video.

It is also possible to connect multiple Smartboxes in cascade, for example to centrally control all hotel rooms from the reception desk. Furthermore, the Smartbox can be connected to an extra DIN rail module or touch screen, without the need for an additional power supply.
It goes without saying that it is fully compatible with our standard modules and the CAN protocol.

Further information and a technical data sheet are available on the product page.

Smartbox with 6x dimmer and 6x relay