2007-09-26Electrozine.be September 2007

Electrozine.be September 2007
New Building for Modular Lighting Instruments

Modular Lighting Instruments has officially presented it's new building to the press. The new head office of the lighting specialist is a design by Coussée & Goris Architects.

The new building has a strong architectural charisma in spite of being an office building. A light tower or 'Lightbox' sticks out of the horizontal building and is built out of an illuminating surface of polycarbonate plates. Behind this wall there are not less than 4000 highcapacity leds which make all sorts of light effects and color mixtures possible. The showroom and the Modular Light Club is located in the tower element where a loungebar with the latest products is integrated.

Further there is a videoscreen integrated in the 1100 square light surface of the Lightbox which is parallel to the highway. The Philips Videowall consists of 60 television screens of 80 x 80 cm which form one large screen of 40m². This fall exclusive videoprojections by international video artists will be shown, this project was named moulART.


Building a new head office was a necessity. Since 2004 personnel has grown from 90 tot 115 employees and the turnover has increased exponentially with 60% in two years.

Two years ago the green light was given to find a new and more spacious location. A site of 2,2 hectare caught the eye of Modular. It's located in the industrial area "Niewe Abele" in Rumbeke-Roeselare, not far from the original head office and next to the highway E403 Brugge-Kortrijk. Roeselare's profile as a city of light and the historic connection made the decision easy.

The three existing locations could now be be integrated in one building. The location next to the highway offers huge communication capabilities. This trump was played out ideally by Coussée & Goris Architects by integrating two remarkable accents in the design: the high led tower and the videowall which attract attention as lighting beacon next to the highway.

Three areas
The new head office was divided in three areas: a public area with reception, a production and processing area and a storage area.
On the ground floor of the public area there are a spacious entrance-hall and a elevated income level, the administrative departments are connected to these. The several departments are connected with one long passage way. Off course sunlight is able to enter through the patio. From the administrative section there is a connection to the production area and the storage area.

The architects implemented the idea of working together in the administrative area. The different departments were visually connected thanks to a combination of large glas panels, patios and terraces. The passage way does also grant access to the management offices and a large meeting room which both overlook the traffic on the highway.

Intelligent lighting
Architectural lighting plays a big part in the building. In the offices a linear lightarchitecture takes care of a pleasant work environment. The lighting in the hallways consists of a continuous lighting string and the lighting of details in clusters. A relaxed mood is created with the use of the right lights, light colors and light strength. The illumination of sunlight is important throughout the entire building. When there is not enough light an intellingent control system is activated.

Showroom and training center
The showroom resembles a exhibition hall with a height of 12 metres and a surface area of 600m². You can discover and experience the profiles and lightconcepts. Rotorgroup from Roeselare was responsible for the styling which is a mixture of Mad Max and Star Wars.
It's the intention to renew the showroom every two years.

The building has its own training center for installers, lighting designers, architects, interior architects and design studios. The room is equipped with a home automation installation by Duotecno, which is also installed in the showroom, and is characterised by the flexible exhibite panels which are mounted on the profiles.

A third spectacular room is the 'Light Club', a design by architect Marnix Verstraeten who designed the outdoor lighting device Filter by Modular. This multifunctional room is ideal for events and is also available to external organisations.

Source: Elektrozine 28 september 2007

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