Duotecno home automation, system integration and all-inclusive concepts

Duotecno is a manufacturer of modules to control lighting, heating, audio, video, alarm and many more.

An own R&D department ensures the compatible with the newest techniques on the market. The ease of use for the resident is always our main concern.

In 2002 Burt Eeckhout and Peter Gitsels founded Duotecnoto build further on an existing proven home automation system.
The fastest and most stable protocol in the world, Can-bus, is the basis of the Duotecno system. In recent years many developments have Duotecno a big player on the Belgian market of system integration and all-inclusive concepts. Since 2008 Duotecno also aims to work abroad, this has already resulted in a couple of good collaborations.

The most important advantage besides the speed and stability is the modular system. Considering the constant development in related markets like lighting, HVAC, audio and video, ... many home automation systems are almost outdated when installed. However a Duotecno system is changeable, adjustable and expandable. You can let your evolve with your home and your situation in life. This and our large flexibility in R&D makes Duotecno the ideal partner is this rapid evolving market.

In practice
Home automation and system integration mainly aim at connecting and easily controlling your techniques in and around of your home. When leaving the house our clients do not need to switch all devices off one by one. One touch on the all-off button commands the system to put your home in the absent mood. Everything can be put into these moods: reading a book, watching tv or party, ... You easily connect lighting, temperature, audio and many more to these moods.

Hotel Rooms
To create the same flexibility for the hotel market the Smartbox was designed. An all in one module which can be placed for each room with a link between the rooms and the reception:
  • Easy to install: 1 easy to install box
  • Flexible: outputs can be configured for every project
  • Sustainable: the same stable technology by Duotecno
  • Expandable: no problem to add new rooms in the future to the network

The dimmers create a cozy and easy going feeling in the room, and above all it's easy to control. This modules gives better hotels the possibily to outshine others. The hotel manager can use the moods to truly welcome his guests.

Source: FlandersBest

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