2009-09-01Living Arts fall 2009

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"Home automation developments, a rollercoaster of innovation!"

Home automation has arrived at a point where almost everything is possible. The development of the applications in the last fifteen years has been like a rollercoaster with innovation after innovation. The end of the innovations is not yet in sight.

"Not easy to work with and it puts an extra responsibility for us as supplier. It's not because almost everything is possible that the client choses to go this far. Some clients go for the complete package but there are not so keen on having all novelties. Their choice is more motivated by ease of use and less by innovations. Off course we need to satisfy our clients up to 100%. In short, the increased possibilities have made us focus even more on the clients wishes.", says Anthony van Bakel of Van Bakel Elektro.

Uniting several disciplines

"The basics of home automation are uniting and centrally controlling several disciplines. We start off with the lighting: switching lights on-off of a room, dimming, ... Next, you can integrate climate control in the system. Things like ventilation, heating and airco. One step further is controlling your multimedia using the home automation. After this we can take a look outside: garden and terrace lighting, tuning the temperature of your swimming pool, opening or closing the swimming pool. But security is also an important issue, the new development in this area is connecting the intercom and camera system and the home automation. If anybody rings the an e-mail will be sent which you can see on your smartphone. Monituring equipment can also be used to give older people the opportunity to live longer in their home. With camera security or the use of an alarm when the is no movement for a certain period. Make it up, it's all possible.

Offering custom solutions to clients
"Because the possibilities are so extensive, we are working with an elaborate signing up list, which we fill in together with the client.
Using this list we can go into specifics about lights, audio, climate control and security. We go very far in this, f.e. do you want to control the lights in the kitchen only from the kitchen or also from the living room? This question is asked for all components linked to the system and for all rooms. Filling this list out takes a lot of time but it's worth it, it's a support tool for everybody. The programmer wil use it when he's installing the system. When fully delivered we use it to check if everything is installed correctly with the client.
Service into the smallest detail, just like stated in our vision."