2009-09-28Elektrozine September 2009

Elektrozine September 2009
Duotecno launches own touch buttons

Home automation manufacturer Duotecno launches its own touch butoons. Similar to the renewed touchscreen the finishes are in black, white, silver and gold glass.

The new touch buttons and touchscreens were presented at the end of September at an exclusive event for installers in the showroom of Modular.

The touch buttons work independently and do not need to be connected with a home automation system. Off course it's possible to connect directly to the CAN-bus of Duotecno. They are touch sensitive and have led lighting which can serve as discrete lighting as orientation lighting. The touch buttons can be used with universal wall boxes.

The design of the touch buttons which are available in square or rectangle version are a perfect match for the new touchscreens. The touchscreens are also available in aluminium and are fitted with a new layout and new icons.

Further news on the videophone front. The new outdoor units have a larger brushed aluminium front (120 x 305 mm versus 100 x 210 mm) and have a built-in speach system by Siedle. A pinhole camera gives you a perfect image. There are three versions: the basic model (DT20-0D), the unit with keypad (DT20-CD) and the unit with biometrics (DT20-BD). You are able to open a door, a gate or fence with the keypad. The outdoor unit with biometrics uses a three-dimensional thermal print of your finger, which makes it impossible to override this system. The scanner operates autonomously.

The intercom module is used to connect the videophone with the home automation system. The module offers you six digital inputs for connecting telephone and sensors, three of these are reserved for Siedle. You also have three output relays for connecting videoscreens. Stand-alone outdoor units are also possible.

In conclusion you have the TCP/IP homeserver (DT18-HS) which connects the home automation by Duotecno and your home network. This enables you to control your home automation with WiFi and your laptop. The homeserver replaces a computer which runs 24/7.

Duotecno keeps going forward. In 2010 we can expect an iPod-interface, cell phone module, KNX-interface and a universal RS232-interface.

Source: Elektrozine.be