2009-10-01Elektrozine October 2009

Touchscreen and Smartbox at Duotecno

Home automation manufacturer surprises again with two brand new product launches: a marvellous touchscreen and the Smartbox

Your home at the tip of your finger with a system of touchscreens, Duotecno would love to help you. This fall the home automation manufacturer launches a brand new model. It's a 5.8" touchscreen which effortlously fits in every electrical installation

It does not end there. This fall Duotecno will release an all in one module with own intelligence named the Smartbox. Duotecno aims for the market of apartments, hotel rooms, service flats with this easy to install module which has 16 input, 6 relays and 6 dimmers.

Het system works like this: by placing the modules in cascade, f.e. in a hotel or retirement home, you get a network of stand-alones which are controlled centrally. It's possible to equip a bungalow next to the hotel with a Smartbox and connect it to the main control system. You can change the configuration of a Smartbox on demand (20+ smartboxes) with curtain or led control, f.e. for hotel rooms.

Duotecno is a trend setter of the Belgian market of home automation and system integration. The company wants to be more than just a manufacturer and gets its inspiration for R&D mainly from questions and remarks on the international market. An initiative which is much appreciated in many countries.

Source: Elektrozine October 2009

Smartbox with 6x dimmer and 6x relay