2009-11-01Elektro Krant November 2009

Duotecno Smartbox and Homeserver

Duotecno wants to use the Smartbox for larger projects like hotel rooms, apartments, hospitals, offices and other large buildings. All functionalities of the Duotecno CAN-Bus technology have been brought together in this easy to install box at a low price. The Smartbox is by standard equipped with 16 inputs, 6 dimmer exits and 6 relay exits. Further, a bus and RJ-connection has been integrated in the Smartbox. You do not lose any flexibility. It's possible to connect modules, audio-interfaces and touchscreens when multiples smartboxes are installed.

Duotecno has developped a TCP/IP Homeserver for the residential market. When this module has been appointed an IP adress within the home network every computer which is part of this network or which is logged in through the internet is able to control the home automation system.
The Homeserver makes sures this works stable, safe and smooth.

Smartbox with 6x dimmer and 6x relay