2009-12-28Electrozine.be december 2009

Electrozine.be december 2009
Led lighting everywhere in villa at Poperinge

Led lighting can be full-fledged lighting in homes. Allaeys LED Instruments has demonstrated this by almost completely equipping a villa at Poperinge with led-reinforcing materials.

The property developer of this loft made this choice to cut back on electricity usage. This was necessary because this loft was build on a rural farm where current supply is limited. De total area of the home is 400 square meter, without terrace and garden.

Led lighting has been placed everywhere with exception of storage areas and the kitchen furniture. With all lights switched the total usage is 1200 watt.

The whole is controlled by a Duotecno home automation system.

Allaeys used the following devices:
  • Hide Tri: a built-in device with 3 powerleds of 3W in a warm white color with lenses of 30°
  • Coveline Channel, a linear lighting with ledstrips of 500 mm equipped with 8 powerleds of 1,7W. This is operated with 230V AC
  • BriFlexline, a led-line with smd-leds in warm white
  • Beamer Tri On Spike, Putter Tri and Typhone on Spike for terrace and garden
  • Beamer Tri Up/Down for lighting on the stairs from terrace to garden

In the living room Coveline Channel is responsible for the main lighting while BriFlexline is decoration in the curtain closets.
In the hallway Hide Tri and Coveline Channel are used.
In the bathroom Hide Tri and Coveline Channel are use as main lighting along the mirror.
Coveline Channel is also used for the stairs in the hallway.

Source: Electrozine.be