2010-01-01Multi Media PC

Mulit Media Pc is not specialized in providing home automation solutions, but was approached by Duotecno NL to deliver HTPC systems which could be integrated in the home automation. This has resulted in a perfect mix of capabilities to best serve our and their customers.

Duotecno is a Belgian company which has already a vast amount of installations were the home automation was included in the design of the complete setup and used parts. Duotecno has a Dutch branch where it's possible to visit a demo house.

The company Duotecno approaches the market in its own unique way.

Duotecno works with an all inclusive concept: a complete home automation system which is build up modular and which facilitates expansion later. It's not only possible to switch lights and create moods but there also more elaborate applications like alarm control, temperature control and control of audio and video.

They have also been able to integrate Windows Media Center in the home automation so all functionalities which you are used to are still available.

If you want more information you are free to contact info@multimediapc.nl or directly with Duotecno NL: info@duotecno.nl

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