2010-02-01Elektro krant February 2010

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Elektro krant February 2010
New products create new markets
Duotecno dedicates itself to installers

As installer you know the home automation company Duotecno from Bruges as a trendsetter in system integration in the residential market. The novelties offer a lot of possibilities to other markets so a new development stage has begun in the evolution of Duotecno. The company believes firmly in the cooperation with installers and distributors and this going much further then the Belgian borders.

New Products

In première at the event at Modular and to admire at Batibouw and Light & Building: the Smartbox for collective buildings, new touchscreens and touchbuttons with elegant finishing in glass, the TCP/IP module, ...
2009 has clearly been a busy year for the R&D department at Duotecno. This year we will introduce some other important novelties with f.e. the RS232 interface and the KNX-interface.
The Smartbox uses the well known Duotecno technology with 16 inputs, 6 dimmers and 6 relays in an easy to install case.
This is perfect for apartments, hotel rooms, offices or other public buildings. Stand-alone or in cascade, with or without touschscreen and compatible with the existing modules. A budget friendly standard solution without losing any quality.
However, the eyecatcher in the new products is the beautiful TFT touchscreen. A completely new processor with unlimited possibilities which also creates huge graphic possibilities. The touchscreens in glass can be combined with the touch buttons with the same finishing for an unique design

Home Manager software

If the client wants to integrate multimedia, camera security and internet-features in his home automation he can use the HomeManager software. This software visualises all functions in your home and is delivered for free without any licensing costs with the TCP/IP Homeserver module. This Homeserver gets an IP adress in the home network and takes care of the communication beteen the home automation and the computer network. This means that you're not depending on 1 computer for correct functioning of your system. The module also makes easy remote control for your system possible.

Cooperation pays off

The ideas and development of new products are off course thanks to an intense cooperation with important installers and distributors.
The company continues to invest in its "Duotecno Partners" with courses, presentations, sales leads through fairs, ... The return of an installer grows proportional with his involvement which clearly results in a win-win relation in the long run. Lasting cooperations which benefits everybody with a direct contact between installer and producer. It's the only way to be succesful in a fast evolving market as home automation.
This is reflected in the very large stability in the relation with installers.

Internationalisation thanks to Can-bus

The new products have opened doors geographically. Since Duotecno has started with its international adventure we have acquired motivated distributors in 15 countries. Next to important European countries Duotecno is also represented in South-America and South-Africa.
The just acknowledgement which the CAN-bus protocol gets around the world has definetely contributed to this success. Originating from the automotive sector as application for airbags it still is by far the fastest protocol in the home automation world. With transmission speeds that leaves most competitors far behind it's ready for the future in audio, video and multimediastreaming. This is no needless luxury with new products that rapidly introduced to the market and clients that demand more and more...

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