Duotecno works with an all inclusive concept: a complete home automation system which is build up modular and which facilitates expansion later. It's not only possible to switch lights and create moods but there also more elaborate applications like alarm control, temperature control and control of audio and video with Bose or B&O. Duotecno has been active for almost ten years and has completed over 300 projects like residential homes, apartments, offices and public buildings. Contemporary design and optimal functionality go hand in hand.

Living comfortable and secure is now an option for everybody. Thanks to multifunctional home automation systems for houses and apartments.
Home automation offers the resident comfort and protection which improves the quality of life. Advanced technology translated into an easy and very user-friendly system.
Thanks to home automation it's possible to control household appliances. This is possible with the aid of sensors or it's possible to use a remote control. Most people use home automation to control lighting but you can also control your heating or airconditioning. Another frequent use is the opening of a garage.
Thanks to home automation you can create the illusion of activity in your home to possible intruders. The lighting switches on, roller blinds go down and the television switches on and off. In case of a burglary the different movement and other alarm detectors can sound the alarm. The smoke detectors will alarm you if there is a fire.
How many times have forgotten to turn off the light in a room? A home automation installation makes lights go on when your enter and will switch them off when you have left.

Think about how much you could save if you could let your house appliances during the base period. Home automation can switch these for you.
The world is getting smaller, a good home automation system gives you the possibility to use the internet to monitor your home when you're gone and you can even control it.
Home automation enables you to fully use your home entertainment system. Set the right mood and enjoy.

Source: MN-Comm