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Duotecno creates: easy use and peace of mind

With one touch and within a blink of an eye the radio turns on, the curtains close, the lights are dimmed and the fireplace goes on. Just one of the many images we get from a reference project by Duotecno NL, supplier of the Duotecno home automation system. The advantages: stable, easy to program, many interfaces, user-friendly and peace of mind.

"When you get up at night this is detected by the movement sensors and the lighting goes on at 10% so the other residents are not woken up. However, in case of fire this is detected which will open the curtains and will switch lighting on at 100 % while also opening the roller blinds so you can easily find a way to safety. In case of a burglary the lighting inside and outside will switch on and off so your neighbours will be alarmed. Besides you're always able to log in on the system and control your home if anything happens." Security, comfort and luxury are the biggest advantages of home automation. Next to that you can prevent engergy waste: "When you're going on holiday you can turn the heating down, turn the fireplace off and turn off all lighting with one touch. The system is set up modularly so you can adjust or expand it in the future." This requires the expertise of Duotecno. "We create the interface to control the electrical appliances and home automation network like a multimedia pc, Bose lifestyle or alarm installation."

The advantages can be found a very surpring home in Noord-Brabant (Netherlands). In the kitchen we find a touchscreen with MyHome application, a digital floor-plan where you can view all rooms seperately and control your home. In one blink of an eye you can see which applications are currently activated in your home. The client can also use this screen to watch television, read e-mails, browse the internet or regulate the temperature in all rooms. When someone rings the door you will receive a pop-up on your screen. The resident can see who is at the door and can open it with one touch. When he's absent he can always review who was at the door, all recordings are automatically saved. After this Van Bakel explains the principle of 'moods', a preset combination of actions which are defined by the client to fit a certain setting and when activated all actions take place. "When activating 'Visit' the music is turned on softly and the lights are dimmed. When the resident activates the mood reading the lighting in the living room will activate a brighter setting of lights."

Security comes first. The complete fire and burglary alarm is integrated in the home automation system. You can control it with your Bose remote control, Duotecno created an interface for this. Van Bakel: "Bose uses an RF-remote control. This makes home automation control possible without needing to aim. We made it into an universal remote control. So unique, even Bose America was amazed. The Duotecno home automation system has a major advantage for installers because it's easy to program. There is a two-day course: one for beginners and one for advanced users/installers. This enables you to program the entire system which leaves the competition far behind" says Van Bakel who always maps out the important functions for his clients in advance. "We adjust the programming to the living situation and wishes of the client. After this we always walk the extra mile to make the entire home user-friendly."

Duotecno Netherlands has been the trendsetter in system integration of the residential market. The novelty products also offer possibilities to other markets, which marks a new step in the evolution of Duotecno. The company firmly believes in the collaboration with installers and distributers.

New products
The smartbox for collective buildings, new touchscreens and touchbuttons with elegant glass finishing, the TCP/IP module... 2009 has clearly been a busy year for the R&D department at the Duotecno head office in Belgium. This year we will also introduce some important novelties with the RS232 interface and KNX-interface. This box is easy to install and has a standard configuration of 16 input sockets, 6 dimmers and 6 relays. This box is excellent for use in hotel rooms and apartments, or as a basic home automation system. Stand-alone or in cascade and compatible with the existing modules. A budget-friendly standard solution without cutting back on quality. The eye-catcher of the new products is without a doubt the marvellous TFT touchscreen. Equipped with a brand new processor with endless possibilities, which is reflected in the graphics.

Home Manager software
If the client wants to integrate multimedia, camera security, internet feature in the home automation system you can appeal to the Home Manager software. This software visualises all functions in your home, this is a free software without any license costs which is delivered with the TCP/IP Homeserver module. This Homeserver receives an IP adress in the home network and takes care of the communication between the home automation and the computer network. This means you are depending an PC for the functioning of your home automation. This module also allows you to access and control your home automation at a distance.

Collaboration pays off
You can create a very strong solution if you enable enterprises to be excell at their core business where interfaces can communicate with eachother in the right way and lets each company innnovate in their field. The return for the installers grow with his involvement which results in a win-win situation in the long run. Durable collaborations which benefits everyone with direct contact between installer and manufacturer. It's the only way for both parties to be succesfull in a fast evolving market as home automation. Proof of this is the great stability in the installers Duotecno works with. Duotecno is still looking for more installers in the Netherlands which have knowledge concerning home automation and work the residential market.

Internationalisation thanks to the CAN-bus
The just acknowledgement of the CAN-bus protocol around the world has definetely played a role for this succes. Originating in the automotive industry as application for airbags it still is the fastest protocol in the home automation world up to this day. With transmission speeds which leaves most competition far behind it's ready for the future in audio, video and multimedia streaming. With new products entering the market at a furious pace, this is no unnecessary luxury...

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