Domotica smartbox
Home automation is a term which is heard more and more in the real estate world. However, at this moment the real estate world is going through some tough times with very hard competition. To excell in this market and to stimulate sales you need a surplus compared to other buildings. This surplus can be created by a novelty and this is were Duotecno Netherlans fits in.

A home automation installation by Duotecno creates this surplus for the client. The integration of user-friendly home automation in a building brings the residents peace of mind and a sense of security. Next to this you will save on your energy bill by using your appliances more efficiently.
By using the home automation of Duotecno you can integrate all electrical appliances (lighting/heating/audio/video/intercom).When this is integrated all appliances can communicate which creates new possibilities. Another advantadge of the Duotecno system is that it is not necessary to connect everything from the start. When a basic system is installed you always have the possibility to expand the system later on.
The biggest surplus in the system can be found in the moods. A mood is a sequence of switches. When using a traditional system you often have dim light by light to create a cozy environment, with Duotecno you can do this with one touch.
Duotecno has introduced the smartbox on the market especially for apartments and hotel rooms.
The smartbox is a finished home automation product with the possibility to expand the system to match the desires of the customer. Examples of expansion possibilities: Our unique Bose interface by which you can completely integrate your Lifestyle system. Or you can choose one of our touchscreen with matching touch buttons. Four different glass finishes are now available: black, white, silver and gold. Next to the new design finishes the hardware has also been upgraded. A new, more powerful processor makes it possible to display icons in high resolution. These icons can be selected from a vast library.

The new touch buttons can be placed in the rooms where there are no touchscreens installed. No difficult scroll or other menus, just 4 or 8 logicallly programmed touch buttons where it's possible to give a function to touching shortly or longer for each button. The leds are a pleasant form of orientation lighting when they are not active and they respond when touched by lighting up fully.

Duotecno has been supplying state-of-the-art technology for homes and public buildings with its acknowledged domotics on CAN-bus. The speed of the used protocol is very user-friendly: all actions are in real-time which only increases the comfort.

The smartbox is equipped with six channels to dim lights, six channels to switch lights or appliances on and off and sixteen inputs for 16 touch buttons. The advantadge of this smartbox also is that it is a finished product which does not need a large technical space (295 x 260 mm)
It's also easy to program with the Duotecno software.


Smartbox with 6x dimmer and 6x relay