2011-10-10Habbekrats Kortrijk

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Habbekrats KortrijkHabbekrats KortrijkHabbekrats Kortrijk
Instinctively this is the loveliest project of Duotecno. This is a social project were different companies have contributed. It's important to mention that all of this was financially made possible by the 'Foundation Vlerick'. The second home, after Ghent, is located in Kortrijk. Here, a group of volunteers form a social safety net for isolated and less fortunate children. These children are kept from living in the streets in a useful manner. All the latest techniques are incorporated in the centre. From the desk you can control and check the five floors with the Homemanager software. In the basement there computers with internet, on the ground floor facilities are available for concerts and on the floor above there is even a boxing ring next to the restaurant. In summer it's great to enjoy the roof terrace where it's possible to have parties.