DT10-BOEBose interface + 8 channel IR transmitter Extend

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Bose interface + 8 channel IR transmitter Extend
Bidirectional interface with Bose.
Dimensions: 185 x 190 x 51 mm

This interface can control all Bose Lifestyle systems with a serial data input.
The devices can be controlled with remote control, push buttons, iPad or iPhone and Duotecno touchscreens.
Different rooms are displayed on the touchscreen and iPad/iPhone together with the selected sources.
It is also possible to control eight extra devices with infrared, mostly these are audio sources.
For example: a TV, an amplifier, a dvd or Bluray player, a digital TV tuner, a satellite receiver, ...
For each device you will need an IR led to install on the device (DT12-01).

Simply put you can control an array of devices with one Bose remote control. For instance, when you press the TV key, lighting will be adjusted, the Bose will jump to TV input, your TV set will switch on and it will be positioned to the set-top box input, while simultaneously your set-top box will come on at the right channel. All this by pressing just one key.
This interface can be combine with the color Touchscreens by Duotecno.