DT13-ANBRS 232 interface ANB BIBUS alarm

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RS 232 interface ANB BIBUS alarm
Bidirectional interface with ANB
Dimensions: 90 x 85 x 35 mm

This interface communicates with the security system BIBUS from ANB.
You can arm and disable your alarm using the Duotecno Touch-screens if there is one original code keyboard installed.
Additional features are also available: it's possible to automatically arm your alarm system when giving the command all off, you can also use the detectors and contacts of the alarm to activate lighting or disabling the heating system.
If the alarm goes off it's possible to activate your lighting and audio system in addition to the standard siren for an extra deterrence effect.
The visualisation of you security system is also possible in combination with the Tcp/ip module (DT18-HS), this enables you to check out the legitimacy of the alarm on your PC or smartphone. When the alarm is legit you can even see in which room the alarm is detecting movement.