DT1C-4GwSmarttouch white glass

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Smarttouch white glass
Smarttouch in white Glacobel glass
Dimensions: 90 x 90 mm

The touch button with Oled display combines a limited surface, a slick design and the control of 48 functions. When in standby mode this touch button functions as a regular Duotecno touch button on bus with 4 buttons and 8 functions. The display is activated by pressing in the middle between on the left or right hand side. On the display we have control over 3 menus: temperature, audio and moods.
When selecting the sub-menu temperature the current temperature in the room is visible thanks to the integrated temperature sensor. One can also select one of the four different temperature schemes, if selected the regime can be adjusted upon your liking.
The sub-menu audio enables volume control and the selection the source of your different music sources. The sub-menu moods can activate or disable 20 different moods.