DTBS-4WOD4 Touch buttons on bus in wood "Oak Dark"

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4 Touch buttons on bus in wood "Oak Dark"
4 Touch buttons on bus in wood "Oak Dark"
Dimensions: 84 x 84 mm

This design touch button, available in the same finishes as the touchscreens, gives an elegant and uniform look to your home. It is a very nice alternative for the rooms where you do not have a touchscreen but where you still want easy control for your home automation that fits into your interior. The white LEDs, which also function as discrete lighting element, light up fully when touched.

This duotecno product will surely add an extra 'touch' to your home.
The touch button connects to the standard Can bus cable (FTP cat5) and has it's own intelligence. This makes fast and easy wiring possible.
It's also possible to connect a invisible temperature sensor on this touch button.