DT20-BDOutdoor unit videophone with biometrics

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Outdoor unit videophone with biometrics
Stylish outdoor unit with brushed aluminium front.
Dimensions: 305 x 120 mm

Outdoor unit to build in, for this you will need the wall box DT20-BW.
This outdoor unit has a built-in pinhole camera, a Siedle digital voice system. This system guarantees the best sound quality and reliability. We can include the pinhole camera in the camera security system if this is installed.
On demand it's possible to engrave your name or house number in the faceplate.
A fingerprintscanner is integrated in the faceplate for access control. This fingerprint scanner lets you open a door or gate by means of your finger. This scanner uses a three-dimensional thermal print of your finger, which makes it impossible to override this system. The scanner operates autonomously. There is no need for extra modules or a PC. This high-end system ensures thus optimum safety and it is highly user-friendly. It's possible to include more than 200 fingerprints in the system.