DT0D-6GbTFT videoscreen 6,4'' black glass

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TFT videoscreen 6,4'' black glassTFT videoscreen 6,4'' black glassTFT videoscreen 6,4'' black glass
Videophonescreen in color, always in combination with Touchscreen
Dimensions: 235 x 301 mm

Faceplate finishing in black Glacobel glass.
This screen is always located below the Touchscreen. When somebody rings your door or gate you'll get a camera image on this screen. There is also speech included, this is done through a normal or portable telephone.
When camera security is included in it's also possible to see these cameras on the videophonescreen.
Wall box for this product: DT0C-DW.
This videophonescreen can only be combined with outdoor units with Siedle technology.