This exceptional apartment in the centre of Sint-Martens-Latem is completely built around the home automation system.
Everything can be controlled from a large touchscreen in the center of the apartment. A smaller touchscreen in the basement and a remote control make the comfort exceptional. Next to dimming built-in spots there are divers RGB LED strip installend whcih can create an unique setting in this bar and home cinem with multiple color combinations. The excellent management of multimedia by Duotecno have created a true entertainment space in this bar and home cinema. For instance, there is a perfectly managed multiroom audiosystem which is connected to the built-in and other speakers. All media for the home cinema are centrally managed from the multimedia space. An other pleasant application of the home automation is the central control of heating and colling. In every space there are sensors which interact with the week setup and different moods to create a perfect climate.

The security system is also connect, this was realised by using the interface to the Galaxy control panel. Thanks to this connection a double use for the Duotecno detectors was realised, they are used for the alarm and for the home automation. The whole system can be equipped with a SMS module to control the system and all it's functions from every location. An all-off function, an all-on function, heating and ventilation are are excellent examples of useful control by cell phone.