2017-01-27Architectural Review's AR Pop-up award

We would like to share with you that Refuge II recently won the Architectural Review's AR Pop-up award.
We feel it is fair to say that in the last two years the Refuge II has started a life of its own, connecting people and making friends along the way.
Refuge II has travelled to exhibitions at the ETH Zurich in Zurich (CH), the Biennale in Venice (IT), the Triennale in Virserum (SE), the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt (DE) and the Flemish Architecture Institute in Antwerp (BE).
Refuge II has been recognised through honourable mentions by the Fassa Bortolo International Prize for Sustainable Architecture (IT) and the Architecture of Necessity award (SE), and most recently, like mentioned above, the winner of the Architectural Review's AR Pop-up award (GB).
Many people have contributed greatly to Refuge II.
- Ergotherapist Mireille Follens from the Dienstverleningscentrum Heilig Hart, for her consultation during the design phase.
- Het plan mentoring the amateur builders throughout the process made sure of a sound result for both Refuge II and for the sponsorship of the piece (which they made with Puur) that was on display at the Venice Biennale.
- Puur, who provided the expertise of building with straw and who's sponsorship made it possible to have a piece (which they made with Het Plan) of Refuge II on display at the Venice Biennale.
- The sponsorship of the ventilation system by Climavent, the domotics by Duotecno and the textile for the curtains by Tissage De Kalken.
- ...
This is a big thank you to everyone who was involved, still is involved and who will be involved.
The story goes on...
Wim Goes Architectuur BVBA
B-9000 Gent