General conditions

  1. All our sales, works, supplies and services shall be made under the following conditions. Contrary conditions of the customer are not accepted. The buyer, by the fact of the sale, is supposed to know them and to accept them.
  2. Our offers are without engagement and are done without commitment what the delivery and implementation data, which ever be estimated, unless otherwise agreed.
  3. If the customer cancels the order after order confirmation on our part, and before the start of the execution, he will pay a cancellation within eight days, the flat rate is calculated at 30% of the total amount of the order. In case of cancellation after the beginning of the implementation. the customer will pay an annulation within eight days calculated on 30% to 100% of the total amount of the order depending on the time and the advanced state of implementation.
  4. Any complaints about non-compliance or visible defects must by registered within five days after the delivery to our registered office to be sent with a clear description of the defects. Under penalty of inadmissibility.
  5. All our invoices are payable without discount at the registered office in Bruges. Offering bills of exchange doesn’t change the place of payment.
  6. In case of non-payment on the due date, legally and without notice of default an interest will be unduly of 12% per annum on the invoice amount.
  7. In case of total or partial non-payment of the debt on the due date without serious reason, after futile notice of the debt balance increased by 12% with a minimum of €150 and maximum of €2000, even at granting of terms of respite.
  8. The seller has the right to suspend the supply in case of the unpaid previous bills. The clause shall also apply in the case of agreed staggered delivery.
  9. All shipments shall be made at the risk of the consignee, even when franco.
  10. All complaints which the bills could raise must be published to the registered office within eight days after the invoice date. After this period they are irrevocably as being late.
  11. Sold goods remain our property until the complete payment of the sales, so in principal and in charges, even if the goods were processed. Once the goods have been delivered, the customer bears all risk of loss and destruction.
  12. If not agreed otherwise in writing, all goods taken back.
  13. Only the courts of Bruges are competent to resolve disputes, which could arise on the subject-matter of this invoice. Only the courts of Brugge are competent to resolve disputes, which could arise on the subject-matter of this invoice. When a customer is a natural or legal person who uses the products or services exclusively for non-professional purposes acquires or will be used, all disputes arising from the present contract, settled in the Court of the domicile of the consumer.