Invisible design switch

Duotecno introduces you with proud the most unique touchbutton.

Do you like to subtly integrate your switch in your interior? Or do you like to blend in your switch on a wallpaper wall?

The INVISIBLE front is made of a special composite material which can easily be painted in any colour matching the wall or interior. Wallpaper, wood veneer, leather, fish skin, cork… It’s possible with many materials. This fire resistant and paintable material makes sure that the invisible touchbutton is really invisible after plastering and painting works.

The invisible 4 fold switch is fast to install (glued or screwed via pre-drilled screw holes/ larging mounting surface to easily adjust) and easy to plaster thanks to the rounder second level on the Xillo fixture. The Invisible meets the highest finishing standards, is suitable for all surfaces and is available in 6 mm and 12,5 mm thickness.

When touching the touchbutton, the elegant lighting appears. The Led lighting gives feedback when touching the button and begins to light even harder. The Led lighting also changes colour when you ex. put a light on. (Optional)

The touchbutton is very sustainable. Not only because of the strong electronics that will last for many years, but also because of the possibility to paint or plaster the Invisible switch in the colour of the wall.