BMW Cocquyt


The new location of BMW Cocquyt in Bruges – which is also easily accessible from the highways – offers an inviting spacious showroom in which they can receive customers in the best possible way. This building is fully equipped according to the latest technological trends of the home automation company Duotecno.

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Konvert agency


We had the opportunity to automate the new head office of agency Konvert Interim. The new site is necessary in the name of efficiency. Now Konvert, with its approximately 85 employees, still occupies three different offices.

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Corona update


Following the official communication from the federal government on March 12, Duotecno’s main concern is to guarantee the safety and health of our employees, external partners and customers as far as possible. We do this by closely following and respecting the guidelines of the government and our federation.

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Yes, we are open during summer …


We gaan stilaan richting zomer, maar dat betekent niet dat we bij Duotecno al in vakantiestemming zijn. Integendeel! Tijdens het bouwverlof kan je zeker op ons rekenen. Je kan steeds bij ons terecht voor leveringen en/of eventuele vragen van 9u00 tot 17u30.

Het Duotecno team wenst u een fijne en deugddoende vakantie toe.


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Where is the switch?


The 8 fold switch is completely integrated in this stone wall. We provide you the electronics and the instructions to place it behind the requested materials (wood, stone, ceramic …). We can let the switch blend in perfectly! Lift your interior to the next level and enjoy a timeless touch of luxury. Therefore, the switch is almost invisible

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Duotecno opens his doors on Sunday 7th of October during Open Bedrijvendag


Did you already know? Duotecno opens his doors on Sunday 7th of October during Open Bedrijvendag.

Do you want to know how the daily live is like in Duotecno? Curious how our Home Automation works? Or how the lighting of Xillo is Trimless without any efforts?

Note October 7 in your agenda and shoot all your questions. See you soon?

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Easy to touch, Easy to use, The Easy Touch


The Easy Touch didn’t get the name “easy” for no reason. We would like to go back to the essence of house automation, the simple touchbutton which can be controlled with simplicity.
In this digital world, the technology evolves faster than ever. Often, the term “house automation” is seen as complex and expensive.

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Welcome to our brand-new website


After months of hard work, we’re excited to announce that our website is now live! Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about home automation and what services we have. We’ve also improved the structure of our content, so you’ll get more from a quick read. A clear navigation structure will enable you to find all the product information you need much faster.

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We are open during construction!


You can still count on Duotecno during the summer. If you have any specific questions concerning the deliveries or any other questions, feel free to contact us.. We wish you  lovely holidays!


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“Less is more”


Also for small houses, the smartbox+ can be used! The owner wanted to have a modern and a sleek appearance. The house had insufficient light and to the wire worn techniques.

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Fully automated office building: Immogra


In this unique building, we’ve opted for a modern interior to work with exclusively white and black elements. They’ve chosen for our aluminium Black sockets, to ingegrate it perfectly in this stylish interior. In this project, we had the opportunity to install our domotics in a promising office building.

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Opening new showroom “The Hub”


The Hub officially opened its doors to the public on April 19. The hub stands for creative playground for architect, designers and contractors. Together with 25 partners, we developed a space to inspire.

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Invisible design switch


Elegant, sustainable and sensible, that’s the INVISIBLE touchbutton of Duotecno!

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PIR for Surface Mounting


We are proud to introduce our waterproof PIR for surface mounting!

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