Home automation

Home automation by Duotecno

Welcome to the infinite world of DUOTECNO. Automation has become part of our lives. A smart home automation system allows us to immediately have an action take place at home or at the office, at the touch of a button, even at a distance. Duotecno has been producing high-quality, innovative home automation solutions for over 15 years.

Over 15 years of experience in home automation

With Duotecno’s high-quality home automation products, you can remotely control the lighting, electrical appliances, shutters, audio, video and alarm in your home or building. We pay a lot of attention to the development of user-friendly interfaces. Our touchscreens and switches are easy to operate. A single touch of a button and the desired action takes place: dimming your lighting, switching on your audio system, opening your shutters, you name it. Duotecno turns your house into a smart house!

Above all, the system is very flexible: you can set your entire home to your liking by a single key touch. You are in full control.