Multifunctional iPad holder Aluminium white

Easy installation and use

This multifunctional iPad holder features an integrated charger with an optional, stable LAN connection, combined with an 8-fold switch. You can connect any iPad with an adjustable connector horizontally. Moreover, this iPad holder is very easy to install and use.

You can also remove the iPad together with the mounting bracket from the wall to maintain a sleek designer look. This way, only the 8-way switch remains visible. What’s more, the switch allows you to immediately control your entire home, even without an iPad.

In just a few seconds, the iPad is installed on the wall. Thanks to the switches it is possible to control your house. Even without an iPad screen.

Aesthetically sound and at the same time functional and user-friendly. We ensure consistent operation throughout the entire home.

  • For integration with video telephony and camera surveillance.
  • Made in Belgium
  • Available in aluminium white and aluminium black
  • Precision machined from a solid piece of aluminium
  • Easy to mount on the wall in just a few steps
  • No cables or connections visible – a single flush-mounted box supplied as standard is sufficient for installation.
  • Charges continuously with customizable Ipad connecton

Would you like more information? Download our technical sheet below.

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