Motion detector built-in detects in a horizontal | vertical line

The light automatically switching on when you enter the room? Your heating switching on automatically? Your lighting adjusting itself to the daylight entering the room? Our detectors take care of it all. With a few detectors in the right place, you will not only get used to the comfort quickly, but you will feel much safer and save a lot on your energy bill.

The line motion detector detects in a horizontal or vertical line with a radius of 4 meters.

Characteristics & functionalities:
– Range: radius 4 meters, diameter 8 meters
110° horizontal, 93° vertical
– Built-in height: up to 5 meters
– Function switch: When changing the switch, the led will blink. The amount of blinks indicates the selected function. (e.g. 3 blinks equals function 3, etc.)

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