DTBS-4X recessed

Recessed touchbutton on bus 4 channels, 8 functions

Our switches are all handmade & make each switch unique in every interior. In addition, they can be built into the wall using a recessed luminaire from our sister company, Xillo Recessed solutions. They developed a recessed luminaire that ensures that what the customer wants to install (speakers, lighting, switches, sockets…) can be placed in such a way that no visible edge remains.

Moreover, it is stronger, more robust and is perfectly finished according to the customer’s wishes. After all, the material can be painted or plastered, which ensures perfect integration into any interior.
You can install any switch in the desired finish and colour completely in the wall. Please let us know your preference and we will make you an adapted quotation.

Xillo has the highest finishes and is suitable for all surfaces (Plasterboard – 12.5mm & brick walls – 6mm), which brings an even, modern finish to your home.

Features & functionalities:
– Standard white LED’s
– Installation box: DTBS-W4
– Handmade in Belgium
– Automatically illuminated LEDs
– Optional, programmable RGB LEDs (directly on the bus)
– Optional temperature sensor (temperature registration) and can be read on the touchscreen or app)
– Dimensions: 84 x 84 mm
– Programmable with the configuration software