Touchbutton on bus 4 channels, 8 functions "Corian"

Corian®, a material that is often used for kitchen and bathroom counters and other surfaces is the ideal material for a maintenance friendly switch. Thanks to the simplicity in the design of the white and black Corian® front, it is stain resistant.

The switches are all handmade products which makes every single one of them unique, exclusive and appealing to the eye.

Characteristics & functionalities:
– Leds  can be switched off or dimmable
– Standard white leds
– Automatic illuminating, integrated leds
– Optional: programmable RGB leds (directly on the bus) with possible feedback
– Optional: temperature sensor (registers the temperature and is readable on the touchscreen and the app).
– Programmable with the configuration software

Dimensions: 84 x 84 mm
Material: Corian


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