Training course

As a manufacturer, we not only participate in many trade fairs but we also host product presentations and training courses on a monthly basis. If you would like to be invited, please do not hesitate to contact us: marketing@duotecno.be. After two days of training, you can connect and program the Duotecno system yourself. Our challenge is to allow installers to finish the installations as EASY and FAST as possible. Our configuration software is therefore known for its simple and easy user interface. Our unique “auto connection” makes it possible to do the configuration in a very FAST and ERROR-FREE way. Duotecno ensures, despite the many possibilities, that the programming remains simple.

Duotecno invests heavily in the Duotecno Partners in the form of trainings, joint presentations, product presentations and so on. Our objective is a sustainable cooperation with direct contact between manufacturer and installer. It is the only way for both parties to be successful and stay that way in the rapidly evolving market of home automation. This is reflected in the very high stability in Duotecno’s installer base. As a customer, it is also good to know that your installer is trained and familiar with the system you want. In addition to these monthly training courses, we also have our own technical department to assist the Duotecno Partners on the construction site.

Practical information in connection with the training:

We organize monthly a basic training and consistently an advanced training.

  • The basic course starts at 9.00 am and lasts until 17.30 pm
  • The advanced course starts at 9.00 ap and lasts until 15.30 pm

If you would like more information about our program, please send an email to marketing@duotecno.be.