Fully automated office building: Immogra

In this unique building, we’ve opted for a modern interior to work with exclusively white and black elements. They’ve chosen for our aluminium Black sockets, to ingegrate it perfectly in this stylish interior. In this project, we had the opportunity to install our domotics in a promising office building.

The employees can arrange anything easily from their own computer. This goes to lighting and audio. Every room is operated by our Room-E, of which the operation of the lighting, Dali and sun screens was never easier.
We’ve also installed and connected “Bose Pro” so that employees always can listen to music any time they would like to.

The 7 meeting rooms are fully automised by our Room-E and the Ipad Iridium. In this way, you could change the meeting room into a completely new room with only one single touch.
Duotecno also arranged an extra luxury for the owner. He can follow the meeting from his own desk. The owners also opted for camera surveillance anywhere in the building that we’ve connected to the alarm so that every irregularity is being registrated.