Discover the endless possibilities of home automation for your interiors. With advanced technologies, you can easily and intelligently manage your home. Enjoy convenience, comfort and stress-free control over lighting, temperature and more. Save energy with smart energy management systems and contribute to the environment. Increase security with motion sensors, security cameras and smart locks. Adapt your interiors to your personal preferences with flexible scenarios. Future-proof your home with upgrade options and the latest technological developments. Turn your house into a smart and sophisticated home with home automation.

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Meticulously integrated

Truly everything in this villa is automated, from lighting from our sister company Xillo, to automated curtains. The house and pool house is fully equipped with an audio system by Integra with integrated Kef speakers. Even the touch controls have sophisticated lines and blend into the design. An endless number of atmospheres can be created with direct and indirect lighting. Motion detectors cleverly respond to what is going on in the house. At night, the light flashes on at 5% so you are not blinded by an overly strong beam.

The energy consumption of the house and the motors in the fishpond's pump house are measured continuously. The display in the Duotecno Home Manager and on the app provides a clear overview of your consumption, allowing you to be more aware of your energy consumption and ensuring safety.

In addition to the pond or pool, it is also possible to integrate electricity, gas, water and solar panels.

Interior designer: Stylmar
Construction company: Elbeko
Photographer: Pieter D'hoop

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