It developed a recessed luminaire made of a patented composite that has the same characteristics as plaster. It is also stronger, more robust and is perfectly finished to the customer's requirements. Indeed, the material can be painted or plastered, ensuring perfect integration into any interior.

The installation of the recessed luminaire was also thoroughly considered. Clearly visible on the recessed luminaire are a series of handy indicators for laser positioning. This allows installers to achieve fast installation. Pre-drilled screw holes and the presence of different installation levels also make the luminaire easy to install.

Moreover, Xillo's typical pattern and large mounting surface ensure that the plaster is always perfectly fixed. Thanks to the strength of this material, there is no need to work with a metal frame. This results in a perfect recessed end result with always the 90° angles, without any plaster cracks or visible edges.

Of course, we are happy to think along with our customers about the incorporation of interior elements. We do not shy away from any challenge.

For the architects, the look and feel of the result is a great asset, for the installers it is mainly about the simplicity of the installation. A clear win-win situation."

Fast, efficient and aesthetic: we cannot describe Xillo Trimless Solutions any better


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